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At Jeevandeep, all our products are a combination of print and technology to create a holistic educational experience based on global education standards. To cater to the ever evolving needs of our clients, we keep updating our product range. We have an extensive variety of books, digital content and notebooks for schools which have been created based on our editorial expertise, extensive experience and specific requirements of our clients. Through our diverse products, we play a significant role in students’ lives – right from their childhood till they are young adults, ready to embark on a brand new journey.

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General Knowledge - 10


Geography Workbook - 7

Periwinkle English

Grammar & Composition - 7

Jeevandeep Sulabh Hindi Reader - 6

Periwinkle Big Book of

Drawing and Colouring - 8


Integrated Science - 6

Periwinkle Marion Alphabet Writing Book - samll letters

Udayam Malayalam Copy Writing - 5

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